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It all began in Bermuda in 1999 at the Newstead Hotel, where the owners of independent trade credit and political risk insurance brokerages met to discuss how best to serve an increasingly global client base.

The answer was to create the Newstead Group, a network of owner-managed, independent organizations that share a common focus on trade credit and political risk insurance, an orientation toward superior service, and a passion for high excellence. Our clients include some of the world’s largest multinational corporations, along with small and medium-sized enterprises, traders, and financial institutions.

Newstead provides its clients with access to the full scope of international insurance markets , including Lloyd’s of London and Bermuda. We provide global reach, local service and a reputation with underwriters as among the best in the business.

Our membership is limited by choice. Newstead members are required to be owner-managed, independent and recognized specialists in their field. Newstead goes beyond a correspondent network to provide the same services as the largest brokerage houses in the world, while maintaining the service levels associated with independent entrepreneurial firms. The result is better service, more choice, attention to detail, and better results for our clients

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